Rob Folkers


I find the way I got into saltwater aquariums somewhat humorous. Similar to other reefers I started the journey with two 55 gallon freshwater tanks. However, shortly after my endeavor began, life decided to present me with two young daughters that immediately became my main focus, it wasn’t long until the aquariums began to feel more like a chore. Therefore, I gave everything away to dedicate all my attention to my young family.

Still having a desire for aquariums, eight years later, now with a son in the mix, we sporadically decided to get a fish. We brought home a beta fish (his/her name was Thor) , frankly, I don’t know who was more excited- me or the kids, we’ll never know for sure but it was most likely me.

Was my wife excited? Short Answer is “no”, long answer “absolutely not”, after 18 years of marriage at that point she knew all too well this was only the beginning of more and more fish to soon join our household, and guess what? she was correct. As she foresaw, less than 2 months later, she came home to find me grinning ear to ear standing in front of our new fifty-five gallon tank, all I could say was “Hey babe, I’m setting up a saltwater tank”. I never did confirm but I can assure you her only thought was “Well, let the fun begin” followed by a eye roll that could causes the planet earth to slightly tilt off its axis.

I rapidly grew a thirst for more knowledge for this newfound hobby and found myself researching and joining many local groups. In my early tank years when concerns or problems arose I would turn to the reefing community. Though trial and error and a lot of research my tank began to grow and thrive. Consequently, over the years I connected with amazing people all over the nation who shared the same passion as I do, most of which became my closest friends to date. The research phase never stopped for me as I continue to research new products, methods, and techniques to stay at the top of my game.

I get a rush from sharing what I have learned about reef-keeping and as I continue learning, my desire to help others succeed in reef-keeping grows stronger.

Reef on!