Residential Maintenance

Whether you love the look an aquarium brings to your home, or if live fish and corals are
something of a hobby, trust Coral Ridge with all your residential saltwater aquarium
maintenance needs.
Coral Ridge is the most trusted source in the Savannah area for saltwater aquarium
maintenance. Our experienced professionals are specialists in custom fish tank design,
installation, and maintenance, and they follow thorough protocols to keep your aquarium clean,
and your fish and corals healthy and vibrant.
As part of our professional aquarium maintenance services for residential locations, Coral Ridge
provides two service visits per month, during which our staff will give your saltwater aquarium
the attention it needs to run well and remain a beautiful habitat for your fish and corals.
At these service visits, Coral Ridge will ensure the water is safe, salinated, and at a proper pH
for your fish and corals. We’ll also remove algae, replace filters, and thoroughly clean the
interior and exterior of the tank.
Coral Ridge is proud to offer comprehensive, thorough aquarium maintenance services in the
Savannah area. Read on for more information on our services, packages, and rates.