Live Fish & Corals Collection

Whether you already have a saltwater aquarium or are looking to install one, Coral Ridge has an
impressive selection of live fish and corals that will make your aquarium a captivating sight,
whether in your home or office.
Coral Ridge is one of the most trusted names in aquarium design, installation, and maintenance
in the Savannah area. Not only can we help you install a luxury saltwater aquarium, but we can
also help you fill it with unique, beautiful marine life.
Our aquarium specialists are familiar with a wide range of live fish and corals that work well in
saltwater aquariums. If you aren’t sure what types of fish and coral you want to add to your
aquarium, our experienced staff members can make suggestions based on your preferences
and interests. And if you know precisely what live fish and corals you want for your aquarium,
we can most likely obtain them for you.
In addition to our live fish and corals collection, Coral Ridge offers direct delivery of livestock; in
addition, regular maintenance packages are available to keep your investment healthy and
looking vibrant.
For live fish and corals from a trusted and highly reputed source, look no further than Coral
Ridge in Savannah.