Commercial Maintenance

Commercial saltwater aquariums add a unique and beautiful touch to any office or workspace.
Coral Ridge provides thorough and professional maintenance services for commercial saltwater
aquariums in the Savannah area.
Coral Ridge is a trusted name in Savannah when it comes to commercial aquarium
maintenance. Aquariums require careful and regular maintenance to ensure proper function and
a safe environment for live fish and corals. The experienced team at Coral Ridge can take this
burden off your shoulders by providing comprehensive aquarium maintenance.
Our commercial aquarium maintenance services include two service visits per month during
which we will ensure your aquarium is a safe and healthy home for live fish and corals by
changing the water, ensuring proper pH, checking salinity, and removing algae. We’ll also
thoroughly clean your aquarium inside and out, including cleaning hardware like filters, light
strips, and ornamentation on the interior, and polishing the exterior.
For commercial aquarium maintenance in the Savannah area, Coral Ridge is one of the most
trusted names in the business. Read on to learn how we can keep your commercial aquarium
safe for marine life and looking impressive with our maintenance services.