Aquarium Design & Install

Dreaming of a luxury saltwater aquarium for your home or office? Coral Ridge can make that
dream a reality.
A saltwater aquarium is a beautiful addition to any home or workspace. If you’re wondering
where to begin, start with Coral Ridge: we offer custom aquarium design and installation in the
Savannah area. Our staff members have in-depth knowledge of the design and installation
process and can help bring your dreams of a luxury aquarium to life.
Our team of attentive, knowledgeable specialists will be with you from start to finish and beyond.
Not only does Coral Ridge pride itself in our high-quality design and installation services, but we
offer routine maintenance to keep your aquarium running smoothly and your fish and corals
Whether you have a design idea in mind or if you need help putting your dream into action,
Coral Ridge is home to Savannah’s premier aquarium professionals. We are also
knowledgeable in live fish and corals and will stock your aquarium as you so desire once its
design and installation is complete.
Contact Coral Ridge today so we can begin discussing your dream aquarium, whether
residential or commercial.